After being in pain for many years I have finally found relief in these treatments. I actually feel taller because I am walking straighter, not bent over. I feel better when I get in and out of the car and when getting in and out of bed. There is not as much strain and effort involved.
Marilyn Pasere

When I walk in here I could hardly walk. Now I feel there is a weight lifted off me. I can bend and sit now in comfort. I would suggest everyone to try it because it works. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!
Jean Mott

My back pain was with me for the past ten years. Surgery was recommended – but I was chicken and refused. Wow! I heard about the decompression treatment! After only a few treatments my pain disappeared. It sure did work! P.S. The cocktail is an extra bonus.
Steve Kowalchuk

I came to CDPC in constant pain, and I could no longer do the physical activities I enjoyed. After only 9 treatments I felt a significant relief, and I’m looking forward to returning to a normal life.
Micheal Shirley

CDPC was recommended to me by my neighbour, and after completing only 9 treatments I no longer feel pain when I get up in the morning. I love to cook and was unable to BBQ or stirfry, now I can cook dinner for my family 5 nights a week. I am looking forward to going to the cottage and enjoying the summer.
Elmo Girouard

I’ve been seeing the ad in the star for last 5 years; I called and booked an appointment for my husband who’s been suffering from a pinched nerve for nearly 2 years. After spending thousands of dollars on chiropractic and other treatments, we decided to try this. Dr Train explained the problem, how the treatment would work and now after 10 treatments, he’s able to work on his race car, walk the dog, and actually do 10 pushups. From being in pain and bed ridden most of the time, with surgery as the only option now living a healthy lifestyle, we are very happy we made the decision to contact CDPC. I would recommend anyone who is suffering and losing quality of life to give CDPC a chance before giving up hope or opting for surgery.
Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Stephan

Neuro-Decompression Therapy

CDPC provide accessible, affordable, accurate and dependable care with minimal wait times for everyone.