Stages of Neuro-Decompression Therapy

Phases of Treatment

Our unique Decompression treatment is divided into three major stages. All three stages are an integral part of this system to ensure the patient’s recovery is quick and successful. It is imperative that the patient follow the treatment plan as explained by the doctor. Patients may feel a difference immediately. The end result is elimination of pain, and an increased quality of life.

Phase 1: Spinal Decompression System

Spinal Decompression involves the use of a specially designed table attached to an advanced bio-feedback computer module. During a consultation with a doctor, specific parameters for each patient such as history of condition, weight, and age are factored into prescribing a customized treatment plan, consisting of the number of sessions required and their frequency. The computerized technology allows the table to pull and decompress the spine by making mechanical changes comfortably. For example, if there is problem at the L4 and L5 region of the lumbar spine, then those two segments would be “pulled” from each other. This distractive force perform decompression of the L4 and L5, allowing increased blood flow to this region, and in turn allowing the disc and joint(s) to receive nutrition for repair and strengthening as well as removing toxic waste build up. Discs do not have their own blood supply and rely on movement of the spinal bones to receive nutrients as well as remove waste products

The overall procedure is calming – In fact, most patients find the treatment relaxing and read magazines or listen to music during treatment. It is imperative that the patient follows the treatment and exercise schedule as prescribed by the consulting specialist. The end result is a natural and long term elimination of chronic pain using a method that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Phase 2: Oxygen Enhancement (Certain Patients Only)

This second phase of the system offers patients the unique combination of inhaling pure oxygen (up to 92%) while undergoing the spinal decompression procedure. Oxygen provides relief from muscle stiffness caused by the build-up of lactic acid. (Note that this is not oxygen therapy. According to Health Canada, oxygen therapy must be prescribed by a physician and only specific conditions can warrant it).

Benefits to oxygen treatment include: boosting the immune system, improving memory, enhancing the lymphatic system, and reducing toxins and acidity to help prevent headaches and other ailments. It is beneficial for the entire body. The combination of decompression and increased oxygen provides the patient with a sense of calming, relief and relaxation.

Brain activity – Dr. Andrew Scholey, Division of Psychology, University of Northumbria: “Extra oxygen has been shown to enhance mental performance and memory recall in healthy active adults in several clinical studies”. Ref. Pmid: 10604851 (pubmed – indexed for medline)

Phase 3: Neuro-Nutrition

The third phase of the Neuro-Oxygen Spinal Decompression system is where a patient is given a premium herbal pain reliever in capsule form, jointly developed by the medical team at CDPC. This formulation – traditionally used for tonifying the kidneys and liver, strengthening tendons and bones, invigorating blood circulation and suppressing pain – provides superior anti-inflammatory benefits especially during a patient’s first few treatments. Secondly, during the course of the treatment program, the patient is given a nutritional detoxification drink to expedite the healing of joints and discs. The liquid drink contains amino acids (80% absorbable), vitamins B2, B6 and approximately 60 other beneficial minerals and trace elements, all of which play an important role in the repair and healing of the damaged discs and joints.

The three phases combined create a unique treatment procedure only offered in Canada at the Canadian Decompression and Pain Centers™. All three stages are integral to the system to ensure that the patient’s recovery is quick, successful and long term. Although, many patients feel immediate relief from pain, the goal of the treatment program is long term elimination of pain, and restoration and improvement of the patient’s quality of life.

** This formulation is developed following Health Canada guidelines and manufactured at a GMP and ISO 9000 certified facility in Canada.

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