Neuro-Decompression Therapy

Traction therapy has been around for thousands of years and has historically been used to treat various chronic conditions. Spinal decompression is similar, but much more advanced. It is the cutting edge technology that is being used to treat chronic back and neck conditions today. Spinal decompression therapy involves a specially designed table controlled by an advanced computer module. After a consultation with one of the doctors, each patient is given a customized treatment plan. Specific parameters are used for each given individual, taking into account the patient’s weight, age, and history of condition.

Then, this state of the art technology allows the table to pull and decompress the spine thus making mechanical changes – comfortably and effortlessly. The end result is that pain is eliminated naturally and more effectively than most treatments available today.

The treatment at CDPC is the most comprehensive program available on the market as it involves the oxygen enhancement and a unique Neuron supplemental system that no other clinic provides. There are many other decompression machines on the market, but the three phase system used at CDPC is the only one of its kind in Canada.

CDPC from CDPC on Vimeo.

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