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We are pleased to introduce Canada White Smile™, a 12 minute, professional teeth whitening system. This is a cosmetic procedure, not a dental procedure; and it is now available in Canada. First introduced in April 2007, Canada White Smile™ has been the first choice of tens of thousands Canadians, from coast to coast; for teeth whitening. This self-administered cosmetic system has been perfected by our Dental Chemist, who was one of the chemists that developed the original leading Dental whitening procedure over a decade ago. Canada White Smile™ introduces a series of innovations and real science brought together to give you the whitest smile in a simple 12 minute process. Teeth whitening in record time – without the dentist or the dentist’s price – in a simple yet comprehensive two part approach to getting and keeping the smile of a lifetime.

1. What is Canada White Smile™?

Canada White Smile™ introduces a series of innovations and real science brought together to give you the whitest smile in a simple 12 minute process. Teeth whitening in record time – without the Dentist or the Dentist’s price – in a simple yet comprehensive two part approach to getting and keeping the smile of a lifetime.

2. Can I buy Canada white Smile™ in the store?

No – Canada White Smile™ is a service, it can only be experienced through our traveling salon, which is currently touring Consumer Shows, select Salons and select Retailers in key cities throughout Canada. The Canada White Smile™ process has been refined by the same chemists that invented the leading dental whitening system; Canada White Smile™ is a low cost, non-sensitivity alternative that includes the latest technology that cannot be replicated with over the counter retail products. This is not a product that can be purchased but a service that must be experienced.

3. How does Canada White Smile™ work?

Peroxide – Innovative, specially formulated neutral Carbamide PH peroxide gel with a light activated accelerator. The % of which is proprietary; patents, trademarks and copyrights applied for. The Tray – The Bite Registration Tray holds the whitening gel and it collects the stain material as it breaks down; you remove the stains when you remove the tray. Light – An advanced, spectrum-controlled light specifically developed for the Canada White Smile™ process is positioned to apply it’s energy to the Tray positioned between the teeth. The unique, patented Tray’s lens design acts to guide the light evenly into the peroxide the Tray also helps with delivering the next factor. . Pressure – The gel is placed into pressure pockets in the Bite Registration Tray, which squeezes the gel between the teeth, forcing the Carbamide peroxide gel into the tooth structure producing complete even whitening. Exposure – For most people, one 12 minute session is sufficient.

4. How long does your Canada White Smile™ last?

That depends upon you. It all comes down to lifestyle and genetics. Some people have teeth that are more susceptible to stains and discolouring then others. Also the choices we make affect our teeth, smoking, coffee, tea, colas, red wine, and berries are all common staining agents.

5. Is the carbamide peroxide in Canada White Smile™ and the activating lights safe?

Absolutely! A peroxide molecule H2O2 is basically water with an extra oxygen atom attached. When the oxygen gets released against stains it oxidizes them. The light enhances and accelerates the whitening process. Although extremely powerful the blue LED light falls into the natural light spectrum of nanometres. Combined they make for an extremely simple and effective 12 minute treatment for whitening teeth.

6. How do I get a Canada White Smile™?

There are three options available. Checking our Events Calendar, on our web site; for the upcoming schedule of shows, and retailers, or phone our office at 1.866.228.6173 for the closest dealer in your area. Finally we do home parties, call us for details. We will come to you and provide everything you need for the perfect smile.

7. Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

Almost everyone! People that have used medicines for extended periods, such as tetracycline are not eligible for the treatment. Also, any discoloration and stains resulting from decalcification such as excessive use of fluorides and porous teeth will have little result from the treatment. People born with gray teeth will likewise gain little benefit from the treatment. However it may be assumed that Canada White Smile™ will have positive results for 90% of users, though it is advisable for the teeth to be in good order and without cavities. In case of doubt ask your Dentist. It is company policy to not offer the service to Children under the age of seventeen and Pregnant or Nursing women. People who had recent dental surgery or who are currently suffering from gingivitis should not use Canada White Smile™.

8. What is the Canada White Smile™ Procedure?

Brush your teeth, we provide disposable tooth wipes, next we will check your teeth against our professional tooth colour chart, establishing your pre-treatment colour. Next we provide you with your Personal Bite Registration Tray. You will insert the Tray into your mouth and bite into it registering your unique bite. You’ll remove the Tray and the Technician will load it with the whitening gel, place the Tray back in your mouth, then the Canada White Smile™ LED light is focused on the Tray. The Tray’s design acts like a lens evenly distributing the light through the Tray for the twelve minute whitening session. After twelve minutes you remove the Tray rinse your mouth and once again brush your teeth with the supplied disposable tooth wipe. Now the Technician will check your teeth against our professional tooth colour chart, to see how much your teeth have whitened, typically there is a three to eight shade improvement. SMILE – When you look good . . . . we look good.

9. Why is Canada White Smile™ different to take home whitening kits currently available at the store?

Canada white Smile™ is a unique professional in-salon, self-administered teeth whitening procedure resulting in whiter teeth in just twelve minutes! The reaction between the LED light and the Canada White Smile whitening gel, dramatically reduce treatment times and produce instant results. You will not get the leakage, uneven whitening, sensitivity and unpleasant taste associated with other whitening products. Take home kits can be messy, complicated and time-consuming requiring daily treatments extended over weeks.

10. How is Canada White Smile™ different to laser treatments?

Laser treatments are administered by dentists. The concentration of peroxide is a lot stronger, the treatment generally takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and involves a heat reaction. Laser treatments are very effective but can be evasive, costly and cause sensitivity.

11. Is whitening safe for my teeth and gums?

Canada White Smile™’s special formula is non-acidic and breaks down into oxygen and water to ensure safe teeth whitening, with virtually no sensitivity. We at Canada White Smile™ have performed thousands and thousands of treatment and our customers are our best endorsement.

12. What about Dental work like Crowns, Veneers, and Fillings.

Canada White Smile™ is safe for all dental work and will help to restore them to their original shade.

13. Can I eat, drink or smoke after the Canada White Smile™ procedure?

For best results try to avoid any food or drink which could stain your teeth for a minimum of two hours after having your teeth whitened. For maximum results avoid staining foods and drinks fro 24 hours.

14. What about medicine heavily stained teeth?

Canada White Smile™ will definitely improve and boost the whiteness of these teeth, yet they may require more treatments.

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