Chemical Peels

Science: Sophisticated, clinically applied peeling systems based in part on Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid and Beta-Hydroxy-Acid, are made available via a network of physician only Biophora accounts worldwide. Peel protocols have been developed to meet the advanced effectiveness and safety demands of our target customers and clinical providers. Peels are only performed after a thorough and in-depth skin evaluation by a trained medical technician along with a customized treatment plan. The home and clinical care programs are then tailored together to provide the greatest result for the individual needs of each patient.

Made Simple: Trained medical technicians gear the patient’s skin care program to faster and more effective levels with a series of tailored skin rejuvenation treatments.

Glycolic Peel: Glycolic acid has the smallest molecular particle size, is the most potent of AHA’s and thus penetrates more effectively and deeply than any other AHA. For this reason, the Biophora Glycolic Peel is designed to target Element Exposed / Normal Aging skin conditions for patients who desire faster results. Available in 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% concentrations.

Salicylic Peel: Different from Glycolic or Lactic acids, Salicylic acid works within the deeper layers of the skin and is best suited for acneic skin. Salicylic acid is an antibacterial, oil soluble solution which is considered one of the best peels for relieving acne conditions.

Lactic Peel: Lactic acid is much larger in molecular size, cannot penetrate as fast or as deeply as Glycolic acid, and is considered a moisturizing agent. For these reasons, Lactic acid is best suited for people who require a less aggressive exfoliation and milder approach to skin rejuvenation. A gradual smoothing, brightening, and clearing of skin blemishes will be accomplished.

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