BAPS Charities presents Certificate of Appreciation

February 3rd 2012

BAPS Charities today presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Canadian Decompression and Pain Centres for their generous contribution and support in fighting hunger for Children in our communities. 66 lbs of food was collected across multiple clinics to support food … Read More

The evolution of spinal decompression

September 20th 2011

Traditional traction therapy is one of the oldest techniques for managing back and even neck pain. Centuries old, this treatment method is based on relieving pressure from the spinal discs and nerves by suspending the weight of the lower body … Read More

How spinal decompression gets to the root cause of chronic back pain

September 20th 2011

Suffering from chronic pain has a huge impact on an individual’s quality of life. There’s no denying that constant pain or discomfort plays a limiting role that affects every area. And surgery as an option is not only scary, but … Read More

Newlight for Hope Charity Golf Tournament

September 20th 2011

The Canadian Decompression and Pain Centers present the Newlight for Hope Charity Golf Classic at Kings Riding Golf Club on Thursday, August 19, 2010. Join us for a day of fun benefiting those in need – and enjoy a great … Read More

Phases of Decompression Therapy Treatment

September 20th 2011

When you undergo decompression therapy you will find such back treatment very gentle and usually pain free. Many patients end up going to sleep during the treatment. You lie on a padded table fully clothed and a harness is used … Read More

CDPC holds the 1st Newlight for Hope Charity Golf Tournament

September 20th 2011

The 1st Annual Newlight for Hope Charity Golf Tournament was a success. Its organizer, the Canadian Decompression and Pain Centers, said the inaugural tournament held on August 19 was attended by more than 80 golfers and about 30 other attendees … Read More

ICTF members get a 25% discount

September 14th 2011

Are you a member of the International Ch’ang-hon Teaknow-do Federation? If so then you and your family members are entitled to received a 25% discount on all services offered by CDPC. Just come to your free consultation or appointment with … Read More

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