Phases of Decompression Therapy Treatment

September 20th 2011

When you undergo decompression therapy you will find such back treatment very gentle and usually pain free. Many patients end up going to sleep during the treatment. You lie on a padded table fully clothed and a harness is used to make sure your body moves when the table does. Movement is set by a computer so there can be no risk of jerking or jolting. Whether you lie face down or on your back will be decided by the doctor.

Each session can last anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour, with twenty minutes being about the average. The first session is likely to be the shortest. The table’s movement is one of tiny increments alternating with short rest periods. Spinal decompression therapy is a viable treatment option that should be tried before riskier spinal decompression surgery is undergone. It often provides good relief from lumbar pain, spinal back pain, chronic neck pain and sciatica pain and is often used to treat degenerative disc disease.

However to gain permanent relief from such conditions more is needed. This spinal treatment should be used in conjunction with specific back exercises and a nutrition programme that will ensure mobility is retained and the injured discs and nerves receive maximum nutrition to aid healing. When discs are herniated and nerves pinched they are starved of the nutrients that help them to heal due to poor blood circulation – which comes about due to restricted movement.

So spinal decompression can be said to have three phases to ensure that the low back pain relief and sciatica pain relief gained is permanent; treatment, exercise and nutrition.

The exercises may vary from person to person depending on the problem. Disc disease or low back pain treatment may differ from sciatica treatment; neck pain relief will be gained by different exercises from those used to treat lumbar back pain. Exercises will be given by the treating specialist or doctor and should be done at home and in the office. Naturally, the nutritional aspect should be maintained until the doctor advises you. Very often such spine treatment will take months of patient work to be successful, although relief is often gained after the first treatment.

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