How spinal decompression gets to the root cause of chronic back pain

September 20th 2011

Suffering from chronic pain has a huge impact on an individual’s quality of life. There’s no denying that constant pain or discomfort plays a limiting role that affects every area. And surgery as an option is not only scary, but involves many risks.

Thanks to the advancements in our understanding of the spine as well as in technology, there is a solution for relieving chronic back pain today that doesn’t involve surgery. It is a virtually risk-free and gentle treatment called spinal decompression.

One of the reasons that spinal decompression is the best treatment option is in its ability to relieve pain by healing the root cause of the pain. In turn, this ensures that the pain doesn’t return. This is good news for anyone who has experienced long-term pain.

As the first step always involves a consultation with a doctor, spinal decompression treatments are customized to each individual’s unique needs. The treatments involve utilizing a specially designed table that is connected to an advanced computer module for precise monitoring.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, the spine is gently extended utilizing gentle and precise pressure tactics that target the damaged area. As well, oxygen and blood are simultaneously supported in their flow to the area being treated.

The end result of this unique treatment is a complete rehabilitation and long-term relief from pain. And the best part? A return to freedom. Freedom of mobility and a better quality of life!

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